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   Cooked Nurnberger Bratwurst
   Fresh Augsburger Bratwurst
   Fresh German Bratwurst
   Fresh Polish Sausage
   Fresh Polish Sausage - with marjoram
   Fresh Calabrese- Sweet
   Fresh Italian with cheese, peppers, onion
   Fresh Hungarian
   Fresh Chorizo
   Fresh Pizza Sausage
   Fresh Andouille Sausage
   Fresh German - with beer
   Fresh German - with cheese
   Banger Sausage
   Fresh Calabrese-Hot
   Fresh Swedish Sausage 
   Fresh Turkey with Cranberries Sausage
   Fresh Merguez Sausage
   Fresh La Bella Salsiccia with Garlic, Wine,
   Parmesan and fresh Parsley
   Fresh Andouiile Sweet Potato Surprise with
   Green Onion and Maple Syrup
   Hot Calabrese with Wild Ramps (seasonal)
   Sweet Calabrese with Wild Ramps (seasonal)
   Fresh Russian Boar Sausage
   Orange Cumin Lamb Sausage
   T-Meadow Heritage Pork Sunrise Surprise Sausage
   T-Meadow Heritage Pork sausage w/Roasted Poblano Peppers & Cilantro

   Cooked Nurnberger Bratwurst
   Cooked All Beef Wieners
   Cooked Weisswurst
   Cooked Bockwurst
   Wieners Frankfurters
   Smoked Bavarian Bratwurst - mild
   Smoked Bavarian Bratwurst - spicy
   Smoked Oktoberfest  Sausage
   Smoked Oktoberfest Spicy
   Smoked Cheddarwurst
   T-Meadow Heritage Pork, Smoked with Forest  Mushrooms
   Lemon Pepeper Chicken Brat
   Spicy Chicken with Cheddar & Pepper Rings
   Greek Chicken Sausage
   Itaiian Chicken Sausage
   Buffalo Chicken Wing Sausage
   Southwestern Chicken Sausage
   Savory Chicken Sausage with Sour Cherries,
   Provolone Cheese & Rosemary
   Apple, Bacon & Chive Chicken Sausage
   Smoked Linguisa
   Smoked German Sausage
   Smoked Mild Hungarian
   Smoked Spicy Hungarian
   Smoked Chorizo
   Smoked Pepperettes - spicy
   Smoked Kabanossy
   Smoked Polish Sausage - plain
   Smoked Polish Sausage - with marjoram
   Smoked Ukrainian
   Smoked Andouille (Cajun)
   Smoked Spicy Chicken Pepperette
   Smoked Russian Boar
   Drunken Cold Smoked Sausage w/Red wine
   Joe K's Short Fuse!

   Beef Rouladen                                   Grass Fed Rib Eye Steaks
   Delmonico Steaks                              Cowboy Steaks
   Beef for Stew
   NY Strip Steak
   Pork Schnitzel
   Ground Liver
   Ground Round
   Rib Chops
   Loin Chops
   Country Style Ribs
   Boneless Pork Roast
   Ground Pork
   Duck Breast
   Ground Pork
   Smoked Ham
   Smoked Turkey Breast
   Smoked Pork Neck
   Smoked Bacon
   Smoked Ham Hocks
   Smoked Westphalian Ham
   Smoked Kassler (Pork Chops)
   Paprika Speck
   Black Forest Ham
   T-Meadow Heritage Pork Maple Smoked Ham
   Sweet Capocollo
   Hot Capocollo
501 Non-Smoked Liverwurst
502 Smoked Fine Liverwurst
504 Hausmacher Liverwurst
505 Mettwurst
506 Course Mettwurst
507 White Hurka
508 Red Hurka
600 German Bologna
601 Gelbwurst
602 All Beef Bologna
603 Roast Beef
606 Tyroler with garlic
610 Krakauer with garlic
611 Aufschnitt (Mixed Cold Cuts)
612 Leberkase
613 Bockwurst Loaf
614 Regular Headcheese w/T-Meadow Heritage Pork
615 Sour Headcheese w/ T-Meadow Heritage Pork
616 Spicy Headcheese w/ T-Meadow Heritage Pork
617 Blood and Tongue
619 Hot Pepper Leberkase
620 Olive Leberkase
621 End Pieces

700 Pork and Beef Salami
701 Gypsy Spicy Salami
702 Paprika Salami
703 Garlic Salami
704 All Beef Salami
705 Mailander Salami
706 Hot Spicy Salami
707 Salami End  
710 Hungarian Style Salami

800 Imported Swiss Cheese
802 Sharp American Cheese
803 jalapeno Cheese
804 German Butter Cheese
805 Tilsiter Cheese
806 Beer Cheese
807 Smoked Swiss Cheese
808 Sharp Cheddar Cheese
809 Smoked Cheddar Cheese
810 Horseradish Cheddar Cheese
811 Farmers Cheese 
812 Provolone Cheese
813 Onion Cheese
819 Smoked Pepper Cheese
820 German Bleu
822 Aged Gouda
Suggested Cooking Instructions
for Spar's European Sausage
Our suggested methods will ensure that you will be serving and enjoying the fullest flavor and taste that is given to our sausages. Please DO NOT BOIL or POKE the sausages while cooking!!
FRESH SAUSAGES: Pan Fry: over medium heat with small amount of oil for 7-8 minutes per side. until golden brown. (thinner cased sausages 4-5 minutes per side) Grilling: over medium coals grill 7-8 minutes until golden brown. Oven Baked: in a pre-heated 350* oven lay sausages on baking pan or casserole dish for 20-25 minutes until juices run clear.
COOKED SAUSAGES: Classic German "sausages (knackwurst, Bavarians, ""Weiner's, Weisswurst, Bockwurst, etc)" are best when simmered for 7-8 minutes. These sausages also respond well to the fresh cooking instructions.
SMOKED SAUSAGES: Our smoked sausages "are prepared for you to eat ""in hand"" as" you would with regular pepperoni. They "are great for casseroles, stews, jambalaya," gumbo and cassoulettes. They are perfect for party platters with cheese and crackers.
CHICKEN SAUSAGES: These fully cooked delicious sausages are best when pan fried or grilled. They can be added to stews and sauces. Try not to microwave them because intense cooking methods may dry the sausages.
Please note that all of the double smoked sausages are ready to eat, without any cooking preparation, if so desired. They can be served hot, cold or even room temperature. They are great for slicing up and serving with cheese and crackers, just as you would serve pepperoni. Of course, there are many different recipes where these double smoked sausages will demand center stage, so feel free to experiment!

Linguisa Sausage:
This Portuguese style sausage, is flavored with garlic, red pepper flakes and vinegar. This dry coarsely textured sausage lends itself to rice dishes and stews.

Smoked German Sausage: Mild in flavor, great served warm with sauerkraut or cold with Bavarian Swiss cheese or Cheddar Horseradish cheese.

Smoked Mild Hungarian: Mild paprika and garlic flavor. Can be used in goulashes, soups or pasta dishes, or serve cold with sharp cheddar cheese.

Smoked Spicy Hungarian: Bold paprika spices and garlic flavor but not over spicy in the heat. Try it in a pasta Alfredo dish or serve cold with a provolone cheese.

Smoked Chorizo: This Spanish style sausage is usually one of the key components in traditional paella dishes. Its smoky spicy flavor goes great with creamier cheeses like Brie or Camembert when served with crackers.

Smoked Andouille: This smoked Cajun style sausage is the star player in any gumbo or jambalaya. A strong flavor profile allows it to play against stronger cheeses like a cambozola or aged Gouda.
Smoked Spicy Pepperettes: These are the best, spicy “slim jims” you will ever try. We don’t have many suggestions for recipes because most people find that they’ve eaten them before they can even think about cooking with them!

Smoked Kabanossy: This Ukrainian style smoked sausage has both pork and beef and a great garlic flavor. It can be successfully used as a substitute for any recipe that calls for smoked Polish sausage. Try serving it cold with bold mustard as a dip.

Smoked Polish Sausage Plain: This garlic flavored sausage is perfect with sauerkraut and apples or try it fried, served with eggs for breakfast. It can be enjoyed with sharp and mild cheeses.

Smoked Polish with Marjoram: Marjoram is a distant, sweeter cousin to oregano that enhances all of the combined flavors in Polish sausage. Traditionally served at Easter and Christmas times, we make this sausage only during those seasons. Polish sausage with marjoram can be used just as plain Polish sausage.

Smoked Ukrainian Sausage: Unlike the fine grind of Polish sausage, Ukrainian smoked sausage is traditionally much more coarse with chunks of cured ham visible. It can be substituted in recipes that call for smoked Polish sausage. It is also great served cold with coarse grain mustard and a cheese like havarti.

Smoked Spicy Chicken Pepperettes: Made from chicken thigh meat, this little spicy stick of dynamite will give your taste buds a thrill.

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